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echo-botnet Go Report Card

A twitter botnet with autonomous bots replying tweets with pre-configured replies

Echo (Ēkhō):

How it works

  • each bot is launched every 35 seconds, so the bot1 is launched at time 0, the bot2 is launched at time 35s, the bot3 is launched at time 1:10 minutes, etc
  • the bots are running in parallel
  • each bot streams the Twitter API getting the tweets containing one or more keywords configured in the file keywordsConfig.json
  • then, the bot randomly gets a reply from the file repliesConfig.json
  • after a bot replies a tweet, the bot 'sleeps' 1 minute, to avoid the Twitter API limitation

Needs the files:

botsConfig.json     --> contains the tokens of the bots
keywordsConfig.json --> contains the keywords to track from Twitter API
repliesConfig.json  --> contains the replies

Just need to configure (deleting the word 'DEMO' from the filenames):


To run, on the /build directory:


Also, can run from the sources, with the Go compiler installed. On the .go files directory:

go run *.go