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package main
import (
//Bot stores the data from json botsConfig.json file
type Bot struct {
Title string `json:"title"`
ConsumerKey string `json:"consumer_key"`
ConsumerSecret string `json:"consumer_secret"`
AccessTokenKey string `json:"access_token_key"`
AccessTokenSecret string `json:"access_token_secret"`
Client *twitter.Client
SinceTweeted int64 `json:"sincetweeted"`
Blocked bool `json:"blocked"`
SinceBlocked int64 `json:"sinceblocked"`
var botnet []Bot
var keywords []string
var replies []string
func readConfigTokensAndConnect() {
file, err := ioutil.ReadFile("botsConfig.json")
content := string(file)
json.Unmarshal([]byte(content), &botnet)
log.Println("botnetConfig.json read comlete")
log.Print("connecting to twitter api")
for k, _ := range botnet {
configu := oauth1.NewConfig(botnet[k].ConsumerKey, botnet[k].ConsumerSecret)
token := oauth1.NewToken(botnet[k].AccessTokenKey, botnet[k].AccessTokenSecret)
httpClient := configu.Client(oauth1.NoContext, token)
// twitter client
client := twitter.NewClient(httpClient)
botnet[k].Client = client
botnet[k].Blocked = false
log.Println("connection successful")
func readKeywordsConfig() {
file, err := ioutil.ReadFile("keywordsConfig.json")
content := string(file)
json.Unmarshal([]byte(content), &keywords)
func readRepliesConfig() {
file, err := ioutil.ReadFile("repliesConfig.json")
content := string(file)
json.Unmarshal([]byte(content), &replies)