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  arnaucube 367ee99d8d Migrate license to Apache-2.0 6 months ago
  arnaucube cd36d496e5
Merge pull request #6 from bingcicle/patch-1 1 year ago
  bing 5365144e82
fix link to addition-add-2008-bbjlp 1 year ago
  arnaucube 1a69ae6828
Merge pull request #5 from leonardoalt/make_sk_fields_pub 1 year ago
  Leo Alt 870cee750e Make fields of PrivateKey pub 1 year ago
  arnaucube 5e3ee25cc9
Merge pull request #4 from leonardoalt/pub_sig_fields 1 year ago
  Leo Alt 6f9bb1c133 Make fields of struct Signature public 1 year ago
  arnaucube 8ae99d7b3c Update aarch64 feature related code & minor update 1 year ago
  arnaucube 4793de7d24
Merge pull request #3 from nicolas-geniteau/update-deps 1 year ago
  Nicolas Geniteau 020f243f0f
Update rust to 2021 and deps 1 year ago
  arnaucube e4b7ced755 Update clippy minor fixes, add clippy to GHA 3 years ago
  arnaucube 53286f535c Add blake lib support for feature aarch64 3 years ago
  arnaucube 27f9ab6acc Update to last poseidon-rs version 3 years ago
  arnaucube f3d57a2446 rm unnecessary Result<> 3 years ago
  arnaucube 005019d684 Update EdDSA to last circomlib version 3 years ago
  arnaucube 53f7fd1215 v0.0.4 3 years ago
  arnaucube d893ecc5f6 Poseidon load static ref avoiding load each time 3 years ago
  arnau 693c7be161
Merge pull request #1 from arnaucube/feature/opt 4 years ago
  arnaucube 80d682ea93 Update Schnorr to last changes, rm MiMC7 methods 4 years ago
  arnaucube 04d20b9e05 Update sign&verify (poseidon) to last optimization 4 years ago
  arnaucube 2d94206899 Optimize point add & mul_scalar methods 4 years ago
  arnaucube 30218dc1f3 Add benchmarks 4 years ago
  arnaucube df8a21200f add Schnorr signature & verification 4 years ago
  arnaucube d7c383695d reference param in mul_scalar 4 years ago
  arnaucube addcca64e5 add some error handling 4 years ago
  arnaucube 2ab48ff3ad add sign & verify with Poseidon hash, update MiMC use to v0.0.2 4 years ago
  arnaucube ad33bbd537 fix point & signature compress & decompress 4 years ago
  arnaucube 48085c5a83 constants with lazy_static, refactor 4 years ago
  arnaucube 1ff5a567a7 compress & decompress signature (wip) 4 years ago
  arnaucube eb42f48c65 add point compress&decompress, add modsqrt with Tonelli-Shanks algorithm 4 years ago
  arnaucube a2122dadce add travis & crate config 5 years ago
  arnaucube 9bc3000898 signature & verification done 5 years ago
  arnaucube fffcb66143 add new private key generation, signature started 5 years ago
  arnaucube 6658d975da add point scalar multiplication 5 years ago
  arnaucube 35f4686198 add point addition 5 years ago