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javascript library, to add context menu functionallity to html page


Referenced in:

Alt text


    bower install class2context --save


First, include the files

<link rel='StyleSheet' type='text/css' href='class2context.css'>
<script src='class2context.js'></script>

Then, for each class, call the function

class2context('className', "title for contextmenu", [["option 1", "function1()"], ["option 2","function2()"]]);

Another example:

  ["<img src='1.png'> Menu 1", "function1()"],
  ["<img src='2.png'> Menu 2", "function2()"],
  ["<img src='3.png'> Menu 3", "function3()"],
class2context('demoClass', "Menu Title Here", array);