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The KZG Ceremony is a coordinated public ritual which will provide a cryptographic foundation for Ethereum scaling initiatives. From the specs repo:

The ceremony takes place between participants and the sequencer. Participants are the entities that contribute their secret randomness to the final output 𝜏 s. The role of the sequencer is to act as the common point of interaction for all participants as well as verifying participants' contribution as the ceremony progresses.

The ceremony is designed to have the following characteristics:

  • wide ecosystem participation
  • accessible via browser
  • a meaningful narrative in a simple interface
  • easy to audit transcript

The best place to follow along is the KZG Ceremony channel in the Ethereum R&D Discord or the bridged telegram channel - DM one of the contributors to be added to either.



Client Implementations

IPFS Hosted Versions

  • latest version - link to be added: references the latest version of the interface, which departs from the audited version in minor ways
  • Audit version - link to be added: the interface which Sigma Prime audited in November 2022. May have bugs or differences from the latest version above

Other Documentation

Public Calls

Call # Link Date
1 Agenda/Recording June 9 2022
2 Agenda/Recording June 23 2022
3 Agenda/Recording July 7 2022
4 Agenda/Recording July 21 2022
5 Agenda/Recording Aug 4 2022
6 Agenda/Recording Aug 18 2022
7 Agenda/Recording Sept 1 2022
8 Agenda/Recording Sept 15 2022
9 Agenda/Recording Sept 29 2022