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  arnaucube 6d2487aa13
Merge pull request #2 from kazuakiishiguro/main 5 months ago
  Kazuaki Ishiguro db99a9e787
fix module name 5 months ago
  arnaucube ff7f5e05d5 Migrate license to Apache-2.0 as in 233027d607 8 months ago
  arnaucube bf96de3b94 Extend to 16 inputs 11 months ago
  arnaucube 568f34442e port https://github.com/arnaucube/poseidon-rs to arkworks ff 11 months ago
  arnaucube d9dd5e7151 Update Poseidon last changes of the reference impl 3 years ago
  arnaucube 4c5dadf3f7 Use imported Fr 3 years ago
  arnaucube 0cc71d546c Update Poseidon to new circomlib version & https://extgit.iaik.tugraz.at/krypto/hadeshash 3 years ago
  arnau e162a19c87
Merge pull request #2 from arnaucube/feature/gha 3 years ago
  arnau 290e40a9d4 Add GHA 3 years ago
  arnau e8d6a3aeae
Merge pull request #1 from arnaucube/feature/ff 3 years ago
  arnaucube 725d6397b8 Update methods to more efficient usage of ff 3 years ago
  arnaucube 32cf0558fa Add benchmarks (49x improvement with ff) 3 years ago
  arnaucube 89792330c7 Add initial migration from BigInt to ff::Fr 3 years ago
  arnaucube 2b0e2faa3e gen_constants crate appart 3 years ago
  arnaucube 4cba42e76a Update hash method, add tests 4 years ago
  arnaucube 988f5036ce update Cargo.toml for crate 4 years ago
  arnaucube 9ab4654572 hash arbitrary array size (chunks of 5), add hash_bytes 4 years ago
  arnaucube 6537a8d55e add travis 4 years ago
  arnaucube 57377e14e5 add poseidon 4 years ago
  arnau c9687402fa
Initial commit 4 years ago